Plan Design

The design corner provides an opportunity to review the advantages and disadvantages of qualified and nonqualified retirement plans, as well as the ability to review a summary of plans and profit sharing allocation formulas.

New Comparability Plans

If you are looking to maximize plan contributions for a specific group of employees, the New Comparability Plan may be your plan of choice.

Cash Balance Plans

Owners and partners looking for larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings should take a look at a Cash Balance Plan. A Cash Balance plan will allow contributions in excess of the $53,000 to $59,000 allowed under New Comparability Plans.

Request a Proposal

Plan Design is the building block of Retirement Planning. Let us Design a Plan specifically tailored to meet your Goals and Objectives. Please call 800-619-6306 and choose option 1 to discuss a plan design.

Owner Only and Professional Plans

An “Owners Only” 401(k) Plan and an “Owners Only” Defined Benefit Pension Plan, provide tax planning opportunities based on the owner’s age, income, and need to shelter income