Annual Administration
The most integral and important aspect of our services involves the annual administration of the plan. Annual testing and reporting are required by law on plans of all types and services. The laws and regulations surrounding annual testing and reporting are intricate and constantly changing. Small mistakes can result in costly fees from the IRS. Therefore, it is important to ensure the responsibility of annual administration falls to someone with knowledge and expertise in retirement plan regulations.

Our plan consultants average 20 years of experience in retirement plan consulting services. Each client is assigned a pension consultant and assistant to perform annual administration on the plan as well as provide ongoing assistance on everyday questions throughout the year. We will also monitor regulatory and legislative changes that occur and ensure our clients are aware if and how these changes will impact them. With our help, we hope to help you and your employees get the most of your retirement plan with as little stress as possible.

Our Annual and Ongoing Administration Services Include:

For Defined Contribution Plans

  • Assigned pension consultant and assistant
  • Year end data collection of employee census and contribution via secure online system
  • Summary Annual Report
  • Annual matching or profit sharing calculations
  • Annual update of employee records with vesting report to plan sponsor and record keeper
  • Discrimination ADP/ACP testing
  • Top heavy testing and identification of HCEs
  • 415 limitation testing
  • Preparation of Form 5500 and all required schedules
  • Loan and distribution processing
  • 1099R reporting (if applicable)

For Defined Benefit Plans

  • Actuarial valuation reports
  • Calculation of contribution and deductibility
  • Preparation of Summary Annual Report
  • Determination of accrued benefits and present value
  • Section 415 maximum benefit limit
  • Section 410(b) minimum coverage
  • Top heavy testing and identification of HCEs